We've noticed a pattern when new students join Hekate's Finishing School.

We see some of the same questions, misunderstandings, and hesitations for witches on their paths. And it slows down their progress & causes hurdles to getting results in their practice.

To help witches FAST and to make sure new students come in with an EMPOWERED perspective on learning witchcraft, we've created this crash course to get you on track - immediately.

If you're curious about witchcraft, if you're just getting started and need a 'quick start' guide to practicing, or if you need a refresher on witchcraft then this is the class for you.

A warning - this is a very fast paced class.

A year and a day? Nobody has time for that.

This means that if you're new, you might need to still work on some of your basics (and we can help you with that). And it means if you're experienced, you might notice some gaps in your practice (we can help you with that too). 

The Ultimate Crash Course in witchcraft - is all about RESULTS.

This class is for witches that:

  • want to know if this is the right path for them
  • want to practice witchcraft, not conform to someone else's beliefs
  • want a refresher on the basics of witchcraft
  • want actionable insights on practicing witchcraft
  • want to get results immediately

No tests. No homework. No expectations. Just answers & solutions.

When the class is done you'll have what you need to step into your practice with more intention, focus, and results.

It’s time to find your path and be true to yourself.

Whether you know you’re ready or you’re struggling with the decision – there is zero risk to you.

The Ultimate Crash Course is the first class available in our HFS Curriculum and is available immediately after you enroll.

No payment information required. No trial. No catch.

We would love for you to join us.

See you in class!