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Classes - Student Portal Access

On the Classes tab, you can log into your HFS Student account and access your classes from the convenience of a mobile device. Review lessons on the go, ask questions when they come to you, and stay active in your program.

Class Discussions & Chat Access:

From within the Classes tab, select the drop down menu from the upper left hand side of the student portal and select 'Discussions' to find your list of Chats & discussions available. 

You can check in, ask questions, and see other student questions as well. Easily get feedback and suggestions on the classes you're working on.

Coven - Community Access

Community Access is free for all students, Full Access and Scholarship alike. 

Participation is encouraged but completely optional.

Private Community Access:

HFS does have a private social network that is only available for enrolled students, separate from the student portal. 

The community area features the ability for students to have their own profiles, discuss a variety of topics, create / join groups of other students, and a variety of other common social aspects. 

This is a great community area for witches that are worried about privacy or that are in the broom closet. 

How to Use Witch App

step 1

Choose Your Enrollment Option on our Website

You can choose a single class or a Program Enrollment option.

We always recommend students start with the Scholarship program to see if HFS is right for YOU.

No payment information required.

>> Click Here for Enrollment Options <<

step 2

Confirm your Email for HFS Student Portal & HFS Coven

When you choose a class or enrollment option, you will be asked to confirm your email for the student portal to begin learning.

You'll be sent a private invitation to HFS Coven after you enroll in the Scholarship Program or Full Access.

HFS Coven is completely optional and we do not automatically enroll you into HFS Coven.

step 3

Use Log In Credentials in Witch School app

Once you've confirmed your email for the HFS Student Portal, you can choose 'already have an account?' from the Witch School app menu and input your log in details on the 'Classes' section of the app.

If you decide to join HFS Coven, you'll see a 'Coven' button next to the Classes button. Select 'Coven' and log in with your details to access the HFS Coven community area.

Now you'll have all areas of the HFS Student Community in one convenient mobile app!

If you have trouble getting access, don't hesitate to submit a support ticket through our secure support portal

at https://support.HekatesFinishingSchool.com 

or pressing the 'contact us' help icon on this page.