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I have been waiting for classes like this

I have been waiting for classes like this. 30 yrs of practice yet you never stop learning.

Velda S Founding Witch

I feel like I can confidently begin now. Thank you

I have floundered for years over how to accomplish such a large task. I feel like I can confidently begin now. Thank you

Shelley S Founding Witch

I knew I needed to become a Founding Witch

In the past, I have learned everything my self through some books I found, and trial and error.

With HFS, my favorite part is feeling like you are part of a community.

I havent found any other schools like HFS.

I knew I needed help with my practice and seeing the benefits of the program, I knew I needed to become a Founding Witch.

Shelli Humphrey Founding Witch

This is a school I will definitely recommend to other witches looking for help.

I've always been a solitary witch. I started out with books when I was sixteen. Then I tried writing my own spells. I've had great success with a rain/storm spell I wrote to help out my parents when they were farming. Being a witch has given me a firm grounding for my life and beliefs. I focus on the Universe and what we have been given through it. Even though I was raised in a Christian community I never really identified as such so finding witchcraft was a perfect match for my actual beliefs.

I love the "go at your own pace" of Hekate's. No rush, no fuss, just check in when you have time. I live a busy life right now and this is perfect for me.

No tests. Just great lessons that lay everything out in plain language. Not your average text book written in boring academia-style language. Easy to access and easy to read.

I have done other on-line classes and had never seen such an alluring school before. Yes, there are other witch schools out there but this one spoke to me. Just reading the intro I was caught. I had to sign up. I was pleasantly surprised at the price for a lifetime membership. This is a school I will definitely recommend to other witches looking for help.

Karen Hjalmarson Founding Witch

I'd like to help any other young witches out there

My practice has been sporadic, on & off, having clarity but then losing focus...

The fact that it's not so rigid, you realise that we all have busy lives & rigidity cannot work sometimes...that's my favorite thing about HFS

and the many different modules on offer & you don't have to take them in a set way...

I'd like to help any other young witches out there that cannot afford to pay...i've been there myself & it's a struggle in this day & age... I'd just like to thank you for letting me have this chance to become a Founding Witch on a payment plan as I could not have afforded it otherwise...Blessed Be...👍😁💜

Emmilou Webster

I feel like magick is my calling so I would like to harness it

I am very much a beginner but I feel like magick is my calling so I would like to harness it

I love that HFS exists, very much excited to be a part of it.

The education in general makes HFS different from other schools.

I became a Founding Witch because I want to better myself and my practice

Maribel Barroeta Founding Witch

Every lesson teaches me so much

Thanks to you and this school becoming/being a practicing witch isn't such a struggle anymore. I know I have said this before but every lesson teaches me so much.

Kristina P Founding Witch

the ability to reach out to request help and get an answer ASAP

I was a solitary witch, learning things as I required the new knowledge.

The range of courses offered is my favorite thing about HFS.

The list of information available is different from other schools.

The format, the transparency and the ability to reach out to request help and get an answer ASAP inspired me to become a founding witch.

Heather Founding Witch

fosters both a playful and deep relationship with witchcraft, which I don't think can be found in many other places...

My path before HFS was very stop and start, and as someone new to witchcraft I was quite directionless.

With the classes I can move at the pace that works for me. I've found that covering one class a month has been really great. Doing the reading in a couple of weeks and spending the remaining time really committing to the homework and puzzling out my thoughts.

The contact with the headwitch and chance to openly communicate with the other students is really mind-opening. The lessons are varied and deep, but approach every topic from a non-denominational viewpoint and really encourage you to interrogate your own thoughts on their subject matter. Overall this fosters both a playful and deep relationship with witchcraft, which I don't think can be found in many other places.

As someone relatively new to the craft (3 years of practice or so) I was enjoying the content presented to me, and I could see the potential for further development. I work in a busy field and really valued the freedom that a founding witch membership would give me. On the flip side of the coin, I value the content that the headwitch is developing, and agree that it forms a solid and thorough foundation for all new witches, and will patch any holes in a previous education. The lessons are strengthening and fulfilling and easily bring you back into contact with your craft. I'm so happy to give this money so that the classes can continue being developed, and the witches in need can have this education for free!

Alexandra Kear Founding Witch

I wanted to support this great school

I am very new to this side of myself and accepting that I have 'gifts'.

I love how things are laid out simply.

I wanted to support this great school for a great price!

Shakeeta Williams Founding Witch

founding a reputable, reliable school

In the past, I learned with a bunch of research on books, Pinterest, Google, and anywhere I could find it.

I love that you guys are founding a reputable, reliable school. I have been through several schools that turned out to be a waste of time.

The fact that you care about the education and not being money hungry people trying to profit off the students. You are trying to present a proper education.

I want to be part of the reason students have a great place to come and learn.

Nessa Skinner Founding Witch

I wanted to try it out and see if it's for me

I was interested in witchcraft in high school, but without community (and with societal pressure) I ended up moving away from it. I've decided to embrace my witchiness, but I feel like community and guidance will help a lot with that.

I wanted to try it out and see if it's for me. The $1 option was a great way to check it out and see if it works for me before committing to the full cost. If the platform works for me I'd like to support it.

Jennifer Weed Founding Witch

The best way to learn is in actual classes like HFS

I have been a practicing and learning my path for the past 30 years and believe that part of becoming a witch is learning that you never stop learning. It is an ongoing process for a lifetime. The best way to learn is in actual classes like HFS.

My favorite thing about HFS is the freedom to attend classes on my time and not being penalized for late attendance and completion of assignments.

The Head Witch is what makes HFS different. I’ve been a Founding Witch since December 2018 and have respect for the dedicated advancement in a School for Witches.

I was inspired in becoming a Founding Witch due to the fact that my donation would assist others witches with scholarships.

Velda Stiner Founding Witch

I wanted to be a part of something I could pass down to my children and their children

My learning was on my own, and scattered. That would be the best way to describe it. I didn’t have a base or foundation to start from, so I was kind of everywhere and all over the place trying to find and learn everything I could. Whether it made sense or not. Whether I believed in it or not. Whether I agreed with it or not. It was just over the years chaotic, and I could not focus or put my learning or knowledge in any kind of order. A lot of times it did not make a lot of sense. A lot of times it contradicted itself, and myself.

My favorite thing is that it is structured and in individual classes that I can access anytime I want. I can take what resonates with me. I can leave what does not, or skip it. I can go back to what resonates with me.

A real witch is teaching it and getting other real witches to help with the classes and information being put forth. Experience is sometimes better than schooling for teaching because that comes from the heart.

I wanted to be a part of something I could pass down to my children and their children, and other’s, and I loved the idea of being on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity to make this finishing school something great for future witches!

Angela Founding Witch

Hekate's Finishing School is not a program, a course, or even a mastermind.

It's so much more than that.

Inside, you'll find a global community of witches just like you - 

they want to build and preserve a successful practice,

create a positive impact on future generations,

expand their knowledge,

and pass down their traditions to future generations of witches.

It doesn't matter what stage you're at in your practice, there's plenty for you here.

Think of us as a worldwide network of witches, all at various stages in our practices, sharing what we've learned

and holding the door open for the witches coming up in the generations behind us, + lots of amazing training ...


Exclusive Classes

 Access exclusive classes that guide you through

building and preserving your traditions and the foundations of witchcraft.


From summary pages to printables,

these resources will help you implement what you're learning.

Private Community

Private Social Network available only for HFS Witches completely separate from your personal social media accounts

Private FB Group

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where you can connect with HFS witches


Get a glimpse at just a few of the exclusive classes

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& Oh So Much More!


At Hekate's Finishing School, our mission is to help witches around the world

build and preserve their witchcraft and traditions for future generations.

Through our unique approach to curriculum, we hope to help preserve as many paths and practices as there are witches, in all their diversity.

We are proud that every witch that enrolls in HFS is able to fully embrace and celebrate their individual beliefs and unique traditions.

No two paths are the same. There is no one-true-way in witchcraft. And we celebrate this at Hekate's Finishing School.


At HFS, our goal is to help as many witches as possible gain a full education.

There are witches all over the world that would greatly benefit from this education and our supportive community - but would be unable to participate for a variety of reasons.

While the first thought might only consider financial situation, there are other reasons a witch may not be able to enroll in HFS under normal circumstances.

There are places in the world that witchcraft is punishable by death. A bank transaction that listed HFS would be a death sentence.

The exchange rate of the U.S. Dollar can be prohibitively expensive in some countries, where even a few dollars would make it cost prohibitive.

Younger witches may have the means of physical money, but without access to a bank account or bank card would be unable to participate in a full education.

We're not here to be the gatekeepers of information.  All knowledge is borrowed. And it's our responsibility to pass that knowledge on.

At HFS, we believe strongly in rebuilding our community and our resources.

Through our Scholarship program, we aim to help witches of all ages, circumstances, locations, and from all walks of life begin their path.

Your contribution as a Founding Witch makes our Full Scholarships possible.

During Open Enrollment, when you enroll in our HFS with a  contribution, you help support several witches in our Scholarship program.

By enrolling in Hekate's Finishing School , your contribution will change a young witch's life and practice for generations.

It is our belief that witches that are active in our community, that care about our community, and see how efficiently we are building these amazing resources for a deeper and more meaningful impact in our community, can and will make a contribution when you have the financial means.

If that is you - the Headwitch is inviting you to step into your power and help empower witches around the world.

Together - we can make magic happen.

So, what do you say?

Did whatever or whoever guided you here do good?

If so, here are the details you need to know...


Our mission is to go above and beyond to make sure we are delivering amazing value for the students of HFS ,

but at the same time we wanted to create something that was affordable

and made it easy to cancel.

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