February 4, 2020

Scholarship Program

How does someone apply for the scholarship program?
There is no application process, there is a wait list between enrollment periods.

Who can join the scholarship program?

Anyone that identifies as a witch. As long as you’re interested in learning, not harassing other students.

Do I need to provide a payment method to enroll in the scholarship program?


We feel that this can make people uneasy, especially as the saying goes ‘nothing is for free’ yet we’re genuinely offering scholarships.


Do I need to prove that I am of a witch line or heritage?

Absolutely not.

And anyone claiming that a witch must prove heritage or bloodlines should be ashamed and anyone pushing this kind of hatred / ideology is not welcome at HFS.


What is the criteria for the scholarship program?

We are taking an ‘all are welcome’ approach for several reasons.

  1. We believe witches that are financially able to make contributions, will.
  2. We don’t want to intrude on people’s personal lives
  3. We understand that there is bias in every situation and this was the best way to remove it completely

How many scholarship seats are there?

This varies. It’s directly tied to the number of contributions from the previous month and our ability to support a stable online learning environment for the maximum number of students.

What is the difference between the scholarship program and the full access program?

The Scholarship program unlocks one class per month, in a set order for the curriculum and on a set schedule.

The Full Access program  has no schedule, all classes that are currently available are instantly unlocked.

Are there any academic requirements for the Scholarship program?

No tests. No exams. No interviews. No quizzes. No attendance. No grades.

HFS is entirely self-paced. We are not here to make you jump through hoops. We assume you are here because you want to learn – and you’ll learn at your own pace, as it fits your schedule and your life. You will not be required to prove that you are learning or studying, to recite or memorize what we think the right answer should be.


What if I don’t agree with the curriculum?

Whether you agree or do not agree with the curriculum is entirely up to you. The curriculum is not designed for you to memorize & pledge to it. The curriculum is specially designed to determine what you believe, what practice is right for you, and nothing else matters. That means you can completely disagree with our curriculum and still walk away with a better understanding of who you are, what you believe, and how you want to practice.

Our curriculum encourages personal growth and exploration – but arguments between students or teachers/guides/faculty/admin are not allowed.

If you agree with the curriculum, good. If you disagree with the curriculum, good.

It’s not about deciding who is right – it’s about finding out what you believe, how you get the best possible results, and what works for you.

In that way, we view the curriculum as perfect.


What path or tradition do witches learn at HFS? 

HFS is a non-denominational witchcraft.

We do not push religion or judgement.

HFS leans towards practical witchcraft, as opposed to heavily commercialized ceremonial work.

Every witch is powerful in her own way and we don’t want to stand in the way of that power or individuality.

HFS does not teach a specific path, HFS teaches you how to build your own path with the desire to preserve as many different paths of witchcraft as possible.

No two witches from HFS believes or practices in the same way.

And that’s just the way it should be.


How long is the scholarship program for?

Currently, the scholarship program is set for 1 year of access. This is because we don’t anticipate it should take more than a year to get through your classes.

Once the year is up, you will lose access to the classes and this frees up the seat for the next scholarship student.

That said, you are more than welcome to enroll in the scholarship program again at a later time if you want to start from the beginning.

We will also adjust the amount of access time for the scholarship program based on if the number of classes grow.

Why is there a wait list?

If we had students coming in all the time, our scholarship program may balloon to a greater number than we can support and cause site instability. We also try to add seats only if we think we’ll be able to support that scholarship through the entire curriculum (though it’s not guaranteed, it’s subject to review every month). But it’s all based on the past enrollment period contributions, we determine the number of seats we think we can support. If it turns out we think we can support additional seats, we open those up to students based on when they joined the wait list.

How can I help support a scholarship seat?

Upgrade to the ‘Full Access’ Program. A small monthly contribution helps us support the current and future scholarship seats. Every contribution helps. And you can cancel at any time without losing access to where you were in your Scholarship program.


Can I enroll in the Full Access program and skip the wait list?

No. All students are enrolled in the scholarship program initially for several reasons.

  1. We don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed for participating in our scholarship program.
  2. If you cancel Full Access without having first enrolled in the scholarship program, there won’t be a seat available / saved for you.

Why does a Full Access student also need a Scholarship seat?

When a student makes a contribution, they are actively supporting not only their own seat but others. But it also wouldn’t make much sense if someone made a contribution, then their financial situation changed, but they were not able to participate in the scholarship program they helped support.

What is the process for becoming a Scholarship Student?

  1. Join the wait list.
  2. Based on the order of the wait list, seats are offered to the next student on the list.
  3. Watch for an email that says ‘Open Seat Available’ – you will have a limited amount of time to claim this seat before we offer it to the next student waiting.

Will there be a wait list after HFS Opens?

We are still new and our biggest concern is site stability for all students. When a website opens for enrollment, there can be a flood of people all at once that can cause site stability issues. We also can’t leave enrollment open all the time, because of our need to balance our resources against scholarship support. After HFS’s opens, there will continue to be a wait list for scholarships should we determine site stability works best with a wait list.

Why is it better for scholarship seats to be distributed based on a wait list? 

By staggering the enrollments for the scholarship program, we estimate we can increase site stability. And still honor a ‘first in line’ process. In this way, we can slowly add more students while keeping an eye on the performance of the student portal. It’s a careful balance to strike. Otherwise, the student portal might be down for all students and that’s not something we want.

When does HFS open? Why join the wait list?

HFS opens October 2020.

By joining the wait list, you preserve your spot in line and depending on if we need beta testers, it’s possible you could be invited to test the scholarship or full access program early.

Can a person lose their scholarship?

Yes – for any reason at any time. But our biggest concern would be abuse of students, faculty, or resources. Please be kind, please be courteous.