This is the third book in the HFS Core Curriculum. For best results, each book is meant to be gone through in the order they are listed as they build on the prior one.

The Moon has been associated with witchcraft since the dawn of time and the birth of humanity. Still, there is a disconnect with modern witchcraft in how to implement the Moon Phases as a central aspect of the practice in an easy yet efficient way. And a growing trend of witches falling out of practice as they gradually fall out of connection with their path.

This is a problem that adding the moon phases can certainly help to correct.

This book will guide you toward adding the Moon phases into your practice in a practical and effortless way. No more overwhelm when the Full Moon posts start trending on social media and you feel like you've failed in your practice again because you forgot and have nothing planned.

This book is for witches who:

  • are trying to get back into regular & consistent practice
  • want to incorporate the Moon Phases into practice with less stress and more results
  • if you're experienced in practice but your practice felt like you were going through the motions
  • if you're very experienced but you feel you've lost connection & ability to grow on your path
  • you don't feel your current or previous Moon Phase practices were helping you

Whether you're new or experienced, adding the Moon Phases into your practice can save you from becoming trapped in the groundhogs-day of repeating the same old tired spells and ceremonies.

By stepping into the practical applications of Moon Phases in traditional and hereditary witchcraft, you can build a fulfilling practice that evolves with you and becomes one step closer to living in magic.

Without becoming overwhelming.

This book is all about diving into the magic that makes the Moon Phases the cornerstone of your practice, why it's so important to your practice, and how to make it easy - so you can focus on manifesting a powerful future into existence.

A warning - this is a very fast-paced book.

A year and a day? Nobody has time for that.

This means that if you're new, you might need to still work on some of your basics moving forward (and we can help you with that). And it means if you're experienced, you might notice some gaps in your practice (we can help you with that too).

Moon Phases is all about RESULTS.

This book is for witches who:

  • want to build a regular practice but need some guidance
  • want to practice witchcraft, not conform to someone else's belief
  • want to see a flexible example of nondenominational ways to practice
  • want actionable insights on practicing witchcraft
  • want to get results immediately that you can put into practice

No tests. No homework. No expectations. Just answers & solutions.

When finished, you'll have what you need to step into your practice with more intention, focus, and results.

It’s time to find your path and be true to yourself.

Note: This is an HFS Class that has been formatted and presented in an ebook experience. You may see some references to classes and curriculum from the original format. This is one class of a series in the HFS Curriculum.