September 16, 2020


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If you’re looking for more information about HFS and have questions, we hope that the following general information about enrollment will help you decide if this is a place you would like to call home. Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post your questions below.


Is HFS an in-person school or an online school?

We are entirely online. This helps us reach the maximum number of people around the world in a safe way. We would LOVE to have a physical campus some day. Let’s manifest that together!

Which Witch is In Charge Here?

A very valid question.

Hekate’s Finishing School was started by one witch, this witch, me (that’s right, no name). Because this witch likes her privacy and is not interested in being internet famous or anyone’s witchy guru (there’s a shocker for you, I’m sure).

The world can still be a dangerous place, there are lots of trolls in the online world that can and do harass people (and witches), and I have children that I have to think about.

When you see ‘Head Witch in Charge’ – it’s me! I’m in charge of the website, tech support, curriculum, keeping people happy, and making sure everyone is generally being polite to each other. But that’s about it.

I’m not in charge of you – clearly – you are your own person.

I don’t ask for allegiance or accolades or titles. Head Witch in Charge was a funny play on words, helps me stand out as the head witch in charge of the school, but keeps titles that can be pretentious and grandiose off the table.

Also, lots of witches like to call themselves High Priestesses and other titles. While those titles can be appropriate in certain settings, giving myself a title like that can be confusing especially for new witches. I provide information in this school, as do other witches hopefully contributing their specialized knowledge over time, but I don’t want to confuse new witches into thinking that I am anyone’s mentor or that I’m responsible or beholden to any one person for their personal growth and development. While I like to help people, I can’t be a ‘real’ High Priestess or anything similar for thousands of people simultaneously.

Inevitably – I get asked ‘how do I know you are qualified to teach me if I don’t know who you are and can’t check your credentials?’

And to that person I say – take the knowledge or leave it, but this is not the world of titles and credentials.

You are entering into the realm of witchcraft – not gift shop magic.

I have no time for titles and people thumbing their noses at trying to be ‘a real witch’ so leave that at the door.

At Hekate’s Finishing School – everyone is a real witch at their own various stages of development, unless they themselves decide they are not. End of Story.

We have an overview of the curriculum in the student portal for those interested in the actual educational content of the school. Do enroll if you’re interested.

I encourage you to ask questions, take notes, and tailor things to your own specifications and needs.


Entrance Exam

Hekate’s Finishing School does not require nor do we administer an entrance exam.

If you could pass an entrance exam, you would already know a fair amount about witchcraft.

We are not here to keep new and curious witches out. We are not the gatekeepers of knowledge.

If you know zero about witchcraft but you want to learn, this is the place for you.

If you know a great deal about witchcraft but you want to brush up on basics, see how other witches practice for comparison, or document your path to pass on to future generations, this is the place for you.

If you are here to be the big witch on campus, kindly leave.

We are not interested in credentials, titles, certifications, diplomas, or any other man-made elitist device designed to make some feel superior and others inferior. We are all equals here. (Head Witch in Charge means I’m in charge of maintaining the school. I’m in a position of service to the community, not a position of power)

If you have a great deal of knowledge on witchcraft, it is a responsibility of yours to pass that on to other  witches. And that’s equally my responsibility as well.

Knowledge is a gift that we hold only for a lifetime, given to us by someone else, and it is the expectation that we pass that knowledge forward to ensure it does not die with us.

I hope that some day you will pass on this knowledge to others, or tell them to enroll here to help us build an amazing community resource! Hopefully the internet is forever and this school can serve to help witches long after you and I are gone. Wouldn’t that be the best?! That’s my hope, at least.


What Kind of Witchcraft?

This is a great question – what kind of witchcraft.

I can tell you what I practice – but the assumption would then be that I am teaching a school based on my specific path. That would be slightly misleading. I’m happy to explain.

Witchcraft is a personal path and it is tailored to each individual.

In the realm of education, we only have a select few paths being taught. Unfortunately, some are taking that to mean that those are the ‘real’ kinds of witchcraft and you find witches (in the THOUSANDS) describing themselves as ‘eclectic’ because they don’t fit neatly into the box of another witches’ path.

If you are looking for paths that are already defined in the mainstream publishing arena – mainly Wicca, in various forms, then that’s not what you will find here. I still welcome you to dive in and learn and pick and choose what you like to add to your own path – but this is a Traditional Witchcraft.

In reality, I’m building this school BECAUSE there is not enough information on Traditional witchcraft.

For a quick overview, I’m a Hereditary Traditional witch. It means I come from a family that practiced witchcraft for generations – and that information was passed on to me in the normal day to day of living. It’s one of those situations where you don’t know that anything is out of the ordinary until someone points it out to you. I grew up a witch. At the time, it was just normal. I didn’t know people lived any different. Today, I know that is not common (though generations of witches are being raised openly once again and that makes me very happy!)

So then a person might assume – ‘does that mean that Hekate’s Finishing School is teaching your family’s specific path?’


(le gasp)

I will use examples of my own path and my own background and experiences growing up, because people learn best when given examples, but after a great deal of contemplation – I have decided the most beneficial school that our community needs is a school that teaches new witches how to build their own traditions, making them the First Witches of their family and teaches established and experienced witches how to document their own traditions and preserve them in a way that can be passed on to future generations.

I don’t want thousands of people practicing our family traditions – HFS is about helping a thousand witches create diversity and documenting a thousand different paths. Instead of saying ‘I’m an eclectic witch’ I would like to hear more witches say ‘I’m a witch’ – end of sentence. Because that’s what everyone is, when you break it down.

Wicca was made by a person (or a couple people) and they named it. That is their path that they packaged up and sold to the world. Then you have other paths that have variations, also named by them or sometimes after them, and it’s only popular because we are starved of variety.

Name your path after yourself – which is completely normal in traditional witchcraft!

Why? Because it’s witchcraft – according to the traditions of a specific family.

And when you get down to it, the witchcraft tends to be very similar but the traditions and specifics are what change and make it beautiful and personal.

So what kind of witchcraft does Hekate’s Finishing School teach?

We focus on strong foundations in crafting spells and magic (because with a good foundation, a witch can adapt any magic to her needs) and helping each witch design and document her OWN specific path and traditions, tailored to you and your own beliefs.

At the end of the day, we need more variety and not to shove witches into a box of someone else’s path.

In the first learning path, you will learn non-denominational witchcraft. In the second learning path, you will dive into your beliefs. In the third learning path, you will learn to build or rebuild and then document your tradition for future generations (hereditary traditions).


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How are Witches graded?

HFS does not pass or fail witches.

HFS does not have graduates, but we do have ‘alumni’.

What does this mean?

If you go through a class and you see a quiz, that is meant to help you see where you are with the information that was presented. It is meant to show you where you might have missed some important information. It is meant to help you pause to reflect on information to see if you are paying attention or perhaps you are binging and need a break (we have all been there).

But I’m not your professor. I’m not grading homework. I’m not blocking witches from the next stage of knowledge because you haven’t jumped high enough or curtsied deep enough. We’re just not that kind of school.

I trust that you want to learn about witchcraft. You wouldn’t be here otherwise – this isn’t required education for ANYONE.

If you find a topic boring, you could technically skip it.

Do I have opinions? Yes. I think a witch that skips lessons will be weaker in her magic. Is that my problem? Nope.

Plus, a witch can always go back and review what was missed.

9 times out of 10, witches have specific things they are trying to learn in the moment anyway, right?

Maybe you don’t want to learn the history of the sage plant, maybe you’re just trying to get a handle on your meditation. And that’s a great way to learn – because most of the time, if you are looking for specific knowledge to help you on a specific thing, it means you are trying to implement or practice that thing. Real world practice and implementation is the best way to build knowledge.

Witchcraft is a practice – hands on – and it’s not meant as a rigorous academic memorization sprint with quizzes and tests.

Is there a final test for Witchcraft? Nope. It’s a trick question – witches are always learning, even me.

So how can I give you a final test?

I think you get the point.

We don’t have graduates. We have community – a community of witches that have all gone through the same information, who are working on their paths, building their traditions, and share a love for witchcraft.

Of course be proud of Hekate’s Finishing School, be proud of finishing the core curriculum and becoming an alumni, but we are not here to tell you when you are a real witch or a good enough witch.

You’re already a witch!

And we would love it if you were an alumni because we believe it will help you stay confident and powerful in your practice.

Most importantly, being an alumni means you continue being a valuable member of our community.


How many Semesters and Classes?

Hekate’s Finishing School is not academically focused. It is action and progress focused, tailored to each individual student. You progress at your own pace. You can go faster than some students or slower than others. This isn’t high school and it isn’t university – you set your own pace and you learn what you want to learn.

We do have a core curriculum – the core curriculum focuses on the ‘foundation’. This is going to be the two main goals of the school which is preparing a witch in magic (spells, etc) and guiding a witch through defining and documenting her specific path.

Because new classes may be added to help clarify some topics, to give more in-depth or advanced guidance, I can only say that we will have only as many classes as are necessary for this core curriculum. I’ve alluded to the idea before, but my goal is not to have witches sitting and learning in an academic style constantly. We will try to keep the classes and lessons to the point but as long as they need to be in order to get the information across.

That being said, there is a great deal of ‘extra curricular’ topics. Things that fall under ‘skills’ and ‘crafts’ that blend magic with real-world talents, hobbies, and skill sets but are not required. These will be kept separate from the ‘Core Curriculum’ because not everyone wants to make their own spelled candles, sometimes you just want to pick up a candle at a store. By that same reasoning, not everyone wants to make their own cough syrup, some are fine with picking some up at a pharmacy. (le gasp)

However, these are different options and elements that are often part of the community of witchcraft. So those elements are not ‘required to the foundation of every witch but are topics which we will have provided by guest lectures, when appropriate.

Our community is diverse with many skills – and many varied interests.

It is the desire of HFS to allow a way for our own community to give back as guest speakers, guest teachers, and preserve the knowledge of different practices (if you so choose to share). (If you are interested in being a guest speaker or guest instructor, consider being a guest speaker).

Our supplementary topics are also a benefit for alumni that finish the core curriculum and want to continue to support HFS while still learning as new classes are added. Witches should always keep learning and in this way we are able to keep new students at HFS focused on the most important elements of their witchcraft education (the core curriculum) without getting overwhelmed by the many ways witchcraft is infused into many skills and everyday practices.

Don’t worry about needing any set amount of credits or semesters, the core curriculum is as short and to the point as we can make it (and will adapt or possibly grow if we get enough questions and decide we need to add a topic for sake of clarity) but we hope you stay for the continuing education as a lifelong practicing witch.

How many classes and semesters? As many as are needed, and no more than that. We don’t want an overwhelming program. When we have a specific number and the curriculum is finalized, this section will be updated. Until then, we are actively adding classes each month and the final class number is unknown at this stage.




I have spent a great deal of time weighing the costs of running an online school, how to manage the expenses, and the barriers that tuition creates.

For example, young witches that do not have the legal ability to access or use a debit or credit card are unable to make ANY purchases online. This means anyone that is young and curious about witchcraft would be unable to attend HFS and I don’t like that. I don’t like the idea that my own daughters would not be able to use this school as a resource if something happened to me or if I wasn’t teaching them and they had to go elsewhere for their knowledge.

Also, even a few dollars can be cost prohibitive to some people that are simply struggling to the point where any monetary requirements would be a barrier to the knowledge we are trying to spread here at the school.

And an even less realized situation is that u.s. dollars have a different exchange rate around the world and in a different currency even a few u.s. dollars would be prohibitively expensive.

I hope you can see that I have taken the idea of tuition and cost very seriously and have given this considerable thought.

But you can’t run a school for free – there are costs, there are expenses, and as I have found – they can quickly add up.


I have decided on what I feel is the best possible solution and I hope you will agree with me (and support the school, if you can).

When HFS officially opens, all students will have the option to attend the school through a scholarship program, requiring absolutely no credit card information. This allows those who are too young to have a credit card or those who can not financially afford to pay tuition the opportunity to attend the school.

However, the scholarship program will be on a scheduled basis. This means that lessons will be unlocked slowly, a set number of lessons per week or month, giving the student time to learn at a reasonable pace.

Scholarship students will get access to the exact same classes, but at a much slower pace than those students that are making financial contribution.

This leads me to our paid contributions. To unlock all of the lessons of all of the classes immediately – a student would need to select a paid monthly contribution called Full Access. This gives Full Access to the entire available curriculum.

The ability to unlock all classes or the entire school based on the tuition level means that those that can afford that option can help support the school through a reasonable monthly contribution, and benefit from the convenience of accessing all their lessons without having to wait. Yet students that are not able to make a purchase are still able to learn.

My hope was to find a balance between being able to support the school while also providing education to as many witches as possible. If you can, please consider supporting the school.

We will also have ‘grandmothered’ pricing for tuition so that if you decide to support the school through a monthly contribution, your rate will never go up as long as your tuition is active. This hopefully gives an incentive to support early, as our tuition may have to raise a small amount for new enrollments each year to keep pace with the growth of students ( or we will have to limit the number of scholarship seats to match what Full Access contributions are able to support).

If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or feedback, please comment and share your suggestions.

As we get this question frequently – What is a ball park estimate of the Tuition amount?

We are estimating the tuition to be roughly $20 a month. It’s small enough to fit most budgets, but an amount that if a good number witches choose to support the school through the monthly contribution, we should be able to cover our monthly expenses. It also means that should we need to raise tuition for future students, it won’t be a cost prohibitive increase but we could raise the tuition by a few dollars and be able to cover expenses in the event that our expenses balloon dramatically more than expected. And while we hope our students will continue to show support through contributions, it is likely that students may only choose to be Full Access for a short time. With these things in mind, this is where we settled on our tuition estimate.

What if the school is wildly successful – and LOTS of witches decide to contribute? 

It is also our desire to be able to provide compensation for future guest lecturers. That’s our #1 hope for the future should the school become wildly successful, the surplus will be used to get the best guest lecturers possible AND to compensate any guest lecturers (no matter their background or fame) from our own HFS alumni. Knowledge from our community is valued! We want to give all witches the opportunity to share and keep various traditions and beliefs alive. We also believe in supporting fellow witches and we will do our best to support with monetary compensation. Too many take the knowledge and gifts of witches for granted, expecting everything for free. But witches need to pay their bills like everyone else – so we are very focused on getting to a point where we can invite guest lecturers and provide a respectful and reasonable compensation. Until we have the ability to compensate with money, we will be offering guest lecturers compensation in trade (upgraded membership at HFS) in exchange for their time and sharing their knowledge and contributing to our community here.



At HFS, we want everyone to feel valued. We want everyone to feel included. We want everyone to feel empowered to greatness on their path. For this reason, we have decided that we would not offer a ‘Free’ membership or a ‘trial’ membership, instead we would offer a Scholarship.

You don’t have to apply for a Scholarship

No one will get rejected for a Scholarship.

And there are no requirements to keep a Scholarship. (we do our best to identify inactive scholarship accounts based on login activity, but you don’t ‘lose’ your scholarship as you can re-enroll at any time in the future. We are constantly evaluating available seats and between open enrollment periods, we offer those seats to students waiting for enrollment based on when they joined the wait list. To maximize the students we can support.)

Everyone is automatically enrolled in a Scholarship when they Enroll

Due to changes in how our student portal works, you must enroll in the scholarship program to be *in* the scholarship program.

Students will have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid monthly contribution called Full Access, but it is not required.

If you enroll in HFS and are in the Scholarship Program, you will have the same education as the witches that choose to support the school with a paid contribution. The only difference is that witches in our Scholarship Program are given access to the school classes and lessons on a schedule, a new class unlocks each month, while those witches that are fortunate enough and kind enough to support the school with a monthly contribution have access to their entire curriculum immediately.

You can upgrade to a “Full Access” monthly contribution at any time, once HFS has officially opened. And you can cancel your monthly contribution at any time as well from within your account.

If you decide to upgrade to Full Access and then cancel your contribution, you will still have your Scholarship Program and will have access to only the classes that were unlocked before you upgraded, but classes will begin to become available each month once again. When all of the core curriculum is available, the supplemental and guest lecture classes will begin to become available each month as well.

We don’t want any witch to feel that they will be punished for canceling their monthly contribution if they choose to upgrade.

You will not lose your Scholarship if you upgrade, your progress in the Scholarship program will stay as it was.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to make a contribution and help us support as many HFS Scholarship seats as possible!

Every Full Access contribution helps our program provide education for witches around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be beginner & advanced classes?

Yes, following more of the academic approach, we will start with basics and gradually progress.

Instead of the more academic method, though, we will focus our classes on application and practical magic more than on memorization and knowledge that is not as useful. While there will be some ‘this is why’ explanations, the majority of more advanced topics will have to do with more complicated or nuanced situations. We build from the basics and then we branch out into scenarios, different applications, layering and blending magic, and tailoring to the desired outcomes.

And you’ll see this posted often – ‘Ask questions if you have ANY’ because lessons will branch based on student questions, different scenarios students present, and learning about ways to tailor to different hurdles or troubleshooting magic for lack of a better term.

We always start with ‘the basics’ and put a great deal of emphasis on having strong foundations.

A good way to look at beginning vs. advanced is – in the beginning we learn the basics or ‘rules’ of witchcraft and then in the more advanced topics will tend to learn how and when we can bend or break those same ‘rules’.

Again, get used to asking questions!

Are there any requirements to move on to the next class or to be placed in a certain class?

We do not have any requirements to move on to the next class. We have not yet added any quizzes or tests, if we do it will be for feedback to see if we are presenting information in a clear way, to allow you to see if you missed any information that you might choose to review, but will not be used to hold you back from the next class or any class.

Full Scholarship students move through the school based on a schedule, tuition students pay to unlock lessons faster. This is the only case where you may have to wait to access materials or lessons or classes.

You will not be required to do homework, submit papers, have anything graded by a person, but at the same time we don’t offer a certificate / certification, title, or diploma. We are here for the love of witchcraft and the desire to preserve and spread that knowledge to as many as possible.

No power trips here. Also, I hate grading papers.

With a Scholarship, you may have to mark ‘complete’ on each lesson before you get the next one. It just means you select a button that says ‘mark as complete’ which keeps you moving along and saves your spot so that if you take a break you don’t come back to see six months worth of lessons and feel overwhelmed. It is also an incentive to keep coming back so you can get to the next lessons!

We don’t grade. We don’t judge. We don’t pass/fail/advance witches. You are in control of your education and your progress.

That’s the way it should be.


How can more experienced witches skip the basic classes to get to the classes that are more their speed?

Hekate’s Finishing School is designed to educate witches both curious, new, and experienced. I wanted a school that could benefit all.

If I repeat anything when it comes to witchcraft, I am constantly encouraging people to go back to their basics. often times, we forget this or that when it comes to the basics. We have something mess us up or trip us up, and it came down to ignoring our basic lessons.

For that reason, everyone starts at ‘lesson one’, the very beginning.

If you are a more experienced witch, I highly recommend going through all of the more basic lessons first because sometimes we can be surprised at what we don’t know or the tips we can pick up that make our practice better, easier, or more efficient. If you don’t pick anything up from the basics, you can rest assured that your foundation is very strong.

If you are not interested in working your way through the basic classes, every witch has the option to upgrade to Full Access to unlock classes ahead of schedule. It helps support the school and eliminates any potential competitiveness at ‘testing out’ of classes. We are trying to keep the egos in check as much as possible.

If not being able to skip classes frustrates you and you are not willing to support the school with a contribution for the convenience of skipping the basic classes – might I cheekily suggest that the most obvious ‘basic’ lesson you need…is in fostering a bit of patience.

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HFS has a private social network only for the HFS community, and while we would like for you to join – they are not required.

*Please know that our Facebook group was retired – we moved our community entirely to the student portal and the HFS private community.*

We also have no intention of requiring you to use facebook  or any other social media site in order to log in. This means you will need to set up log in details when you enroll, we will need information like your name (you can use any name you like, but please use a good email because you will need to confirm it) and your email in order to keep your progress and things like that.

You are not required to comment on any lessons or interact at all (but we encourage you to do so!)

We understand that there are many places, even in countries where witchcraft is not a punishable offense, where people would like to keep their privacy but still want to learn. Heck, I myself am keeping my information as anonymous as possible here! We have all seen how history has treated those that practice witchcraft and we respect your concerns and requirements for privacy.

Please do not feel that you have to out yourself as a witch, whether you are a long time practicing witch or simply curious, we want you to feel comfortable in knowing that you have control over your privacy. We also have no way of publishing things to your social media accounts on your behalf, etc.


If you have any additional concerns, please comment below or reach out via support and we’ll do our best to address any concerns you may have.



Your support helps us change the lives of witches everywhere.

Our key areas of curriculum are: Witchcraft, Traditions, and Beliefs.

We also have supplementary classes which falls under skills and crafts.



If you have any additional concerns, please comment below or reach out via support and we’ll do our best to address any concerns you may have.

But honestly… so many questions will be answered by simply taking a look inside. No credit card or payment info required. Take a peek… not that I would ever claim to be able to see the future or anything, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it here… 😉

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