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All Enrollment has been paused as we review our Scholarship Program for the New Year.


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  • Unlock one class per month
  • Private Coven Community access
  • Mobile App Access
  • Available 24/7 

Our Scholarship program waitlist can be found in our mobile app, Witch School, during New Student registration.

If a seat is available, you will be able to claim it from within the app.

If there is a wait list, you'll see a button that says 'join wait list'.

You will be required to verify your email address.

Internet & Mobile app access is required.


Pick and choose your classes and your pace.




This is a subscription that automatically renews every 30 days.

  • Unlock all Classes
  • Class Hop, No schedule
  • Early Access to New Classes
  • Mobile App Access + Upgrade Features 
  • Additional Coven Access - Full Access
  • Ad Free Experience
  • Verified Full Access Badge on your Coven members profile

Every contribution helps support our scholarship program.

Internet & Mobile app access is required.

As we offer a scholarship program, HFS has a no refund policy.
Cancel anytime within your account. Full Terms & Conditions here.

"I have floundered for years over how to accomplish such a large task. I feel like I can confidently begin now. Thank you"

Shelley S Founding Witch

"I have been waiting for classes like this. 30 yrs of practice yet you never stop learning."

Velda S  - Founding Witch

"Thanks to you and this school becoming/being a practicing witch isn't such a struggle anymore. I know I have said this before but every lesson teaches me so much."

Kristina P. - Founding Witch

These are real testimonials. We have used stock photos for the privacy of our students.

What do I get by Enrolling Today?

Enrolling as a Full Access Student:

Get immediate access to the currently available classes at HFS, no schedule.

Monthly recurring contribution, cancel anytime from within your account.

Support HFS early on and help us expand the number of scholarship seats we are able to offer in the future.

As long as your contribution is current, price does not increase.

Scholarship Program - One class every 30 days

Scholarship students are given a scheduled path through the HFS class materials. 

Each class is released slowly to give students time to properly absorb and practice the information. 

Only one class is accessed at a time, one class unlocked every 30 days.

Scholarship students must complete the current lesson to get to the next lesson, no skipping.

(No quizzes or tests are required to move forward)

This is strictly for Scholarship students, of which we have a large number of witches enjoying this program at no financial expense.

We have done our best to balance the use of resources with access (video bandwidth, hosting fees, all costs increase as resources are used). By having a slower paced scholarship program, we are able to maximize the students we can accommodate in our program while preserving site stability for all students.

As one class is unlocked at a time from the entire school, this might be frustrating to some witches that are more experienced, more advanced, or simply have specific topics they would like to learn about. For those witches, we have the Full Access option available.

By offering a more fast-paced option for those able to make a contribution, this helps us offset the additional resource usage and also support the scholarship seats accordingly. We do anticipate that these resource costs will increase over time, as costs usually do, so we've tried to incentivize joining early to keep the Full Access contribution as low & sustainable as possible.

Full Access - Unlock Classes & Class Hopping

Full Access means immediate access to the entire current HFS school curriculum. 

Ability to skip any lesson and any class, without any requirements for previous lessons or classes being completed.

Full Access also includes early access to upcoming classes, live Q&A sessions or events, and additional perks where available.

We give our Full Members every possible consideration and benefit, for being the witches that make HFS possible. 

Our goal is to help as many people as possible. 

HFS Core Curriculum

Traditional Witchcraft app

Community Access

Community Access is free for all students enrolled, Full membership and scholarship alike. We have a variety of community options.

Participation is encouraged but completely optional.

Full Access contributors display a Verified checkmark along with a gold 'Full Access' badge on their Coven profiles. 

Private Community Access:

HFS does have a private social network that is only available for enrolled students, separate from the student account. Access to Coven can and will be removed if it is abused.  

The community area features the ability for students to have their own profiles, discuss a variety of topics, create / join groups of other students, private chats, and a variety of other common social aspects. 

This is very much a social area of the HFS community, separate from classes. 

This is a great community area for witches that are worried about privacy or that are in the broom closet. 

Our private community is Ad-Free within the coven experience. (except for a thank you message for Full Access contributors and ads in the Scholarship experience that display before Coven loads)