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HFS Core Curriculum

Each class is in order, self-paced, and available on the Kindle.

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HFS Core Curriculum is self-paced.

Start with the first class and work your way through the HFS Core Curriculum at your own pace.

Take your journey one step at a time and move on to the next class when you're ready.

The classes are condensed, results-focused, and fast-paced.

Each class is exactly as long as it needs to be to save you time and get you back to doing what's important - getting results in your practice.

Our HFS Curriculum is now made available through the Amazon Kindle. Same great classes, now as ebooks that fit in your pocket and can go anywhere.

Using the built-in technology of the Kindle or Kindle app, you can highlight, take notes, sync, and review your classes from the convenience of your mobile devices.

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"I have floundered for years over how to accomplish such a large task. I feel like I can confidently begin now. Thank you"

Shelley S Founding Witch

"I have been waiting for classes like this. 30 yrs of practice yet you never stop learning."

Velda S  - Founding Witch

"Thanks to you and this school becoming/being a practicing witch isn't such a struggle anymore. I know I have said this before but every lesson teaches me so much."

Kristina P. - Founding Witch

These are real testimonials. We have used stock photos for the privacy of our students.

Community Access

HFS does have a private educational social network that is available for students. 

Access to Coven can and will be removed if it is abused.  

The community area features the ability for students to have their own profiles, discuss a variety of topics covered in the classes, private chats, and a variety of other common social aspects. It is considered a family-friendly community and is strictly moderated.

The purpose of Coven is for educational discussions around the classes, it is not an open social network.

This is a great community area for witches that are worried about privacy and what to discuss the topics, but are in the broom closet. 

Scholarship Program - 2023

Our HFS Scholarship program was a community supported program paid for by Full Access monthly contributions. 

Over the past several years, we enrolled and taught thousands of witches from around the world.

Thank you to the generous witches that were able to support the education of so many witches for so many years. 

Due to a decline in students, we have had to close our Scholarship program to all current and future students.

While we had hoped to help more, we have gratitude for those we were able to help.

Don't let this be the end of your journey. Let it be a powerful beginning. And manifest the rest.

We are exploring how we can revive the Scholarship program in the future, but currently, we don't see a path forward just yet. But we have hope...

Full Access - Monthly Contribution

Our HFS Full Access program has been retired due to a drop in enrollment.

We understand that the economy has been hard on people and unfortunately, we lost nearly all of our student support in January of 2023.

Thank you for your support! We hope to revive the HFS Curriculum in a way that can support the resources we've built for the HFS community.


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  • Unlock one class per month
  • Private Coven Community access
  • Mobile App Access
  • Available 24/7 

Our Scholarship program was supported through paid contributions.

All scholarships have been discontinued due to lack of support.
We hope to continue this program in the future when the economy improves and the community resources are stronger.


Pick and choose your classes and your pace.

Due to a decline in students, we are no longer able to offer Full Access.

HFS Core Curriculum is shifting to a book-based form of study.




This is a subscription that automatically renews every 30 days.

  • Unlock all Classes
  • Class Hop, No schedule
  • Early Access to New Classes
  • Mobile App Access + Upgrade Features 
  • Additional Coven Access - Full Access
  • Ad Free Experience
  • Verified Full Access Badge on your Coven members profile

Every contribution helps support our scholarship program.

Internet & Mobile app access is required.

As we offer a scholarship program, HFS has a no refund policy.
Cancel anytime within your account. Full Terms & Conditions here.