This is the fifth book in the HFS Core Curriculum. For best results, each book is meant to be gone through in the order they are listed as they build on the prior one.

Energy work is the foundation of what we live and practice as witches. Any witch has the potential but it takes practice to gain proficiency. If your spells don't work - it's your energy work that needs practice.

In this book, we dive into the techniques and exercises taught to traditional hereditary witches from an early age. These techniques and exercises are appropriate for all ages and ability levels. Variations of the exercises are provided for both beginners and students looking for more challenging techniques.

This book is for witches who:

  • are looking to awaken your awareness of energy
  • want to learn to better control your own energy
  • would like to practice shaping energy for your own purposes
  • have some experience but want to see if you can sharpen or strengthen your natural gifts
  • are not sure if you have any natural gifts and want to give it a try

The practices and exercises are not ceremonial. Each technique relies entirely on your ability to manipulate energy without any tools. Each exercise has step-by-step instructions but your results do rely entirely on you and your ability.

If you've ever wanted to try out 'real' magic... we invite you to try. Results will vary.

You can do it. I believe in you. You should believe in yourself, too.

Can't wait to see what you can do.

A warning - this is a very fast-paced book.

A year and a day? Nobody has time for that.

The book is as long as it needs to be - and not a word extra. We're all about results.
The shorter the book, the better. Fewer words are not a bug - it's a feature! Let's get to the point and get back to magic!

This means that if you're new, you might need to still work on some of your basics moving forward (and we can help you with that). And it means if you're experienced, you might notice some gaps in your practice (we can help you with that too).

Note: This is an HFS Class that has been formatted and presented in an ebook experience. You may see some references to classes and curriculum from the original format. This is one class of a series in the HFS Curriculum.