This is the second book in the HFS Core Curriculum. For best results, each book is meant to be gone through in the order they are listed as they build on the prior one.

The book of shadows is the hardest working tool in any practice. But how can something so small and so important be so frustrating and difficult to start, manage, and find any kind of consistency while maintaining a passionate and prolific life of practice on this path?

As is the case in most situations with practicing, it's easy - as long as you get a few things right. It all falls into place.
It doesn't have to be complicated but it can be a bit frustrating. With just a few nudges in the right direction, you can also make the BoS work hard for you instead of the other way around.

This book is for witches who:

  • are trying to get started with their first Book of Shadows and want to get it right from the start
  • have a Book of Shadows but you're new and not sure what to put on the page
  • if you're experienced in practice but struggling to stay consistent with your BoS
  • if you're very experienced but you feel you've fallen out of love with your BoS
  • you don't feel your BoS represents you or your practice and you need help fixing it

Whether you're new or experienced, your book of shadows is important and should always be in good working order.
But it doesn't mean it should be added work and stress on you.

This book is all about diving into the magic that makes the Book of Shadows the fantastic tool that it is, why it's so important to your practice, and how to make sure it's doing all the work - so you can focus on manifesting a powerful future into existence.

A warning - this is a very fast-paced book.

A year and a day? Nobody has time for that.

The book is as long as it needs to be - and not a word extra. We're all about results.
The shorter the book, the better. Fewer words are not a bug - it's a feature! Let's get to the point and get back to magic!

This means that if you're new, you might need to still work on some of your basics moving forward (and we can help you with that). And it means if you're experienced, you might notice some gaps in your practice (we can help you with that too).

Note: This is an HFS Class that has been formatted and presented in an ebook experience. You may see some references to classes and curriculum from the original format. This is one class of a series in the HFS Curriculum.