Are Witches Real?

From the Satanic Panic of the 80s to the Pop Culture rebellion that took hold in the hearts of the 90s and 00s generations, the resurgence of interest in witchcraft in a variety of forms hasn’t slowed down. Gaining steam, a variety of forms of the Craft has infiltrated the public awareness and is being[…]

What is a Priestess

What is a Priestess? a female spiritual mentor. A Priestess is responsible for guiding a person through the questions revolving around their place in the universe, their purpose, and their questions about life and death. The role of a Priestess is not to promote a specific religious belief, but to guide the person towards answers[…]

Santa Clause is Fae – Jolly Old Elf

This came up as a joke in conversation with another self-described pagan. The person joked that ‘hey, maybe Santa is really Fae since he likes milk and cookies and the fae like milk or cream and biscuits / cookies too!’ I was a little dumbfounded but also excited. YES. YES – santa clause IS Fae.[…]

Witchcraft | Definitions – Learn Witchcraft

If you’re wondering what witchcraft is from a practitioner’s standpoint, then: Witchcraft is the manipulation of energy to directly change or influence a person’s life, environment, or future.   If you’re wondering what witchcraft is for from the standpoint of an overall belief system, then: the belief in forces of nature and ancestors, exorcism of[…]