HFS Update – March 2023

HFS Newsletter March 2023


This year has seen big changes to HFS and this is a big update for us, as a school and as a community.

I’m sure you’ve been waiting for news on the future enrollment at HFS and how we’re going to be moving into 2023.

The biggest change is that we’ve retired the HFS Scholarship program indefinitely. And the HFS Full Access enrollment has also been indefinitely retired.

Student support for HFS has sadly declined. It could be a seasonal issue that we overestimated the short-term interest with more reliable support. But we aren’t able to keep going due to the decline and we’ll continue to review if we have enough support to revive the programs in the future. With little support, we kept going until we literally couldn’t anymore.

The hope is to revive the scholarship program in the future. Unfortunately, I can’t give a date for when this would be possible.

While it hasn’t been mentioned up to now, there was also a sharp increase in system abuse by students, signing up for multiple scholarship accounts and selling them, a surprisingly large number of Full access students claiming that contributions were fraudulent, which led to issues with our vendors increasing prices, threatening to shut down our student resources, causing issues with processing payments, and levying excessive fines against HFS. This compounded the issues we were already experiencing to a point where we couldn’t recover.

In synchronicity, the Universe tells us when it’s time to start something new, to let something go, or to evolve.

It’s time for Hekate’s Finishing School to evolve.

When HFS first started out, this was always meant as a way to teach my own two daughters. It has been 7 years that I’ve given to HFS now and not enough of that time was spent teaching. Too much of that time was spent on technical things that taught me a great deal but didn’t teach you enough about this path. And more of my time was being devoted to answering support tickets about logging into different student resources instead of communicating with the students in the community, about the classes.

So what is the evolution of HFS? What is the future of this amazing idea that has really had an amazing run so far, in teaching the world a different view on Traditional Hereditary Witchcraft?

We’re going back to the most powerful tool any witch could have – a book.

All of the HFS Curriculum will be able to be found on Amazon Kindle.

And each of the classes will have an open discussion on HFS Coven.

We’re still working on migrating our app, Witchschool, and there may be some hiccups there. Please be patient. Upgrade as soon as a mobile upgrade is available as our past versions will not be stable for long.

Our latest mobile updates will prioritize the old Student Portal where you can still enroll in our open classes and the Ultimate Crash course. And the HFS Coven experience.

By shifting to a book & discussion model, I think we can spend more time discussing the nuance of witchcraft and improving student engagement.


If you’re looking to show your support – consider giving us a review on Amazon on any of the classes you participated in.

And join us in HFS Coven to discuss the classes & books.


No matter where your journey takes you, I wish you the very best.

And as always, I hope you’ll continue to stand in your power as an amazing witch.


Stay Powerful,

HFS Admin / Headwitch