8 Affordable Crystals Every Witch Needs

8 Affordable Crystals Every Witch Needs

1. Rose Quartz

2. Amethyst

3. Clear Quartz

4. Selenite

5. Tiger's Eye

Stepping Into Your Power

When we find confidence and remove doubt, so many things are possible.

Removing self imposed limitations is hard but you can do it and step into your full potential as a witch.

This class is for:

  • Those curious about witchcraft and starting on their path
  • New Witches looking to build up their confidence on their new journey
  • Witches struggling with doubts about their gifts, abilities, and power

If you're looking to learn more about the realm of witchcraft and want to embrace your gifts and abilities, then you're ready. Step into your Power as the witch you know you were always meant to be.

No Payment information required. 

Are YOU Ready?

6. Labradorite

7. Moon Stone

8. Citrine