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Hereditary Witchcraft

Hereditary Witchcraft isn't about excluding people, it's about rediscovering the giants that came before us and honoring them. Traditional Hereditary Witchcraft is about blending your practice into your life as a family.

Instead of honoring deities - we honor those that directly impacted us, they're still part of us, they watch over us.

And one day we will join them. But until then, we stand on their shoulders and do the work so that future generations benefit from the work we do today.

This class is for:

  • Those laying the groundwork on Ancestral witchcraft
  • New Witches looking to lay the foundation as the first witch in their family
  • Witches struggling with incorporating witchcraft into their family in practical ways

We are a sum of all of our ancestors. By looking deep within, we find a path for our strengths and warnings for our weaknesses. The magic brings us together and protects us. Together, we are Powerful.

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Are YOU Ready?

This class is available in the HFS Core Curriculum through the HFS Scholarship program and Full Access program enrollment options.

Hekate's Finishing School is a community-supported educational resource. This means that we offer a generous scholarship program supported by community member contributions. NO application or payment information is required. No trials and No catch.

By enrolling in this free class, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the resources we've built for our students. And you'll see that we're genuine in what we're offering & what we're building. We are a global community of witches, both new and experienced.  

HFS teaches Traditional and Hereditary Witchcraft following a non-denominational belief system. This often goes by names such as folk traditions, ethnic religion, and practical magic. To be clear - we do not teach the religion Wicca that was invented in 1954.

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