Why is Hekate’s Finishing School Named for Hekate?

Why is Hekate’s Finishing School named for Hekate?

The name is a strong symbolic reference.

Because Hekate is viewed around the world as a symbol, as the mother of Magic, the Crossroads, and knowledge.

But also – there is a great deal of unknown around the origin of the Temple of Hekate on the outskirts of Ancient Greece, as it fell outside of the current (at the time) accepted religion in Greek and then Roman times. She was not able to be incorporated into the ever shifting / rebranding of the deities / pantheons of that age. So she stood out and stood untouched. Unable to distort Hekate and what the temple / Goddess represented, all that competing religions could do was exclude or erase who she was and what she stood for.

That is VERY similar to the experiences of all witchcraft and the experiences of witches that have suffered as forced conversions spread across the globe

Our path as witches stand outside, apart from the currently accepted organized Religions. Unwilling to bow to organized religions, they resorted to exclude or erase us.

The general lore is that Hekate brought magic to the realm of humanity. Not as religion, but as a gift, a tool, a skill, and a weapon.

Other questions you might have:


Does HFS worship or teach to worship Hekate?

No. We are not a coven or cult or temple for Hekate. We are a non-denominational school that teaches Traditional Witchcraft and the preservation of authentic individual beliefs.


Are there temples that worship Hekate?

None of the original temples (living, practicing people with the original practices intact and whole) survived history or wars or erasure. At best, we have guesses of what was or wasn’t practiced, usually interpreted through the lens of people with their own beliefs / bias / leanings. And attempts, some very noble, at reconstruction. But they are still reconstructions.

If you are interested in the interpretations and reconstructions, there are modern groups / temples that attempt to reconstruct the worship of her into neo-pagan religions. I can’t vouch for what they teach or believe, so I won’t be linking to any of them but they’re out there.