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‘Tis the witching season and if you’re looking to get your Seance On or if you have a nice Spirit Board in your possession, it’s a good idea to follow a few basic safety tips before you start opening up channels to the other side.

What is the Best Time to Speak to the Dead?

The best time to talk to the dead is during the Thinning of the Veil, usually throughout most of October but most specifically the last 2 weeks of October and into the first week of November. This is because it’s the time when the dead are closest to the living and have a better chance of getting a message through.


How to Speak to the Dead

The easiest way to speak to the dead is through a spirit board, sometimes called a Ouija board or a Talking board. They have a movable piece that slides around the board called a Planchette.


Are Spirit Boards Dangerous?

Caution…. this part might freak you out.

Spirit Boards are only a communication device. There no more dangerous than the book on the shelf or the cup on your counter. The spirit is near you, in the same space. With or without the board, the spirit is still there. This means they’re not any more dangerous than any other tool. But depending on how you use them could make you more prone to some tricksters or troublemakers.

If the thought of ghosts standing next to you freak you out… you might want to skip the spirit board demonstration and instead go get a reading done by a psychic. Equally spooky, but you can leave after and sleep easy without worrying about who is hanging out in your living room and annoying your cats at 3 am….

Ghosts Can Lie

If you were a ghost and you were bored… what would you say or do to keep yourself entertained if some rando decided to start bothering you with a dusty cheap spirit board? Exactly. Ghosts can lie. If you’re calling on a Spirit to talk to you or to get advice, it’s a good idea to make them prove who they are by asking them questions that only the person would know the answers to.


Name the Spirit

Another way to help you get a better connection, increasing your safety, is to call the spirit forward by their name. While not fool-proof, it gives you a better chance of getting the person you’re actually looking for ‘on the line’. And by having a specific person in mind, you will form a stronger chance of connecting with that spirit.


Don’t Burn a Spirit Board

Spirit boards are Doors. Can you close a door if you burn it? No. The same is true for a spirit board. If you run into some freaky issue and you’re afraid, then you likely didn’t close your ‘connection’ with that spirit board correctly. Burning it doesn’t close the door – it leaves it open and makes it really hard for someone else to figure out how to properly close it.


To Close a Spirit Board

Return the planchette to the middle of the board. Say ‘This conversation is over’ and slide the planchette over to ‘Yes’. Say ‘Leave Now’ and slide the planchette over to “Goodbye’ if your board has a ‘Goodbye’ option, and then back to the center of the board. Fold it up and put it away.


Feeling Spooked?

If you’re feeling a bit spooked, mix a teaspoon of salt in an 8 ounce glass of water and take a sip, swish it around in your mouth, and spit it out (in the sink, not on your living room floor).

If you feel you’re in danger, get to a safe place.


General Dos & Donts:


Don’t Use a Spirit Board while Pregnant

It’s better to err on the side of caution here. Depending on your belief, you may or may not think that an unborn baby has a soul, or perhaps it’s still ‘undecided’. There are plenty of superstitions surrounding the possibility that a baby could be possessed. It’s a very creepy superstition, but a good reason to perhaps skip the seance or spirit board during Halloween. Just in case…

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