Once In A Blue Moon | The Online School of Traditional Witchcraft


Hekate’s Finishing School Officially Opens on October 31st, 2020 – a rare Blue Moon on Halloween.

While the world may not know that there is something magical afoot, we recognize the significance of both the resource and the timing of this cosmic shift in our community as we prepare to open HFS to the world. And the stars appear to be aligning just as our doors are opening to witches across multiple continents.

Hekate’s Finishing School officially opens on October 31st, 2020 under a Blue Moon visible to the entire world*.

The last time a Full Moon was visible worldwide & landed on October 31st was in 1944. And the next time will be in 2039.

But that’s not just a Full Moon on October 31st – That’s a Blue Moon. The second Full Moon in a calendar month.

And what’s more, while a Blue Moon will rarely look different in color… which disappoints many who are looking to see a moon that is blue, there have been instances where the color has changed due to dust or smoke particles in the air from natural occurrences such as volcanic eruptions.

Unfortunately, the wildfires along the west coast of North America means that some have already noticed the moon appear to change color due to dust and smoke in the air. Should the fires continue through the end of October 2020, the Blue Moon may have a somber shade to it that sets it apart even more in 2020.


Wherever you are in the world, whatever you might be going through – together, we’ll be looking up at the same amazing Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon to mark a new time for witches – the grand opening of the Online School of Traditional Witchcraft.

Together, we’re bringing traditional witchcraft back to witches around the world – impacting generations to come.

That’s powerful, Witches.





*(Visible to Western Australia, but central and eastern australia will not be able to easily see the Blue Moon)