Are you ready for the June 2020 Full Moon? | Letter from the HFS Headwitch

June 2020 | Letter from the HFS Headwitch


Hello, HFS Student,

Are you ready for the Full Moon?

If you’re looking for some low-prep ideas on how to handle this Full Moon, especially as it’s an eclipse, here are a few ideas:

  1. That good ole moon water magic. But this time, make it into a tea and put it into the fridge. Drink as it as you need it over the next few days, whenever you’re needing an energy boost
  2. Use this energy, with Mars in the mix and bringing in that God of War energy, to make a protection amulet, talisman, or charm. A simple necklace or bracelet can be made of natural string (jute, cotton string, whatever is handy) and braiding it together – adding in fresh sprigs of rosemary or kitchen sage or both.
  3. Review your Book of Shadows. Your book of shadows should be a daily practice, but you have to learn from your past to grow. Take this time as an extra dark moon – a time to reflect and review you, who you are, and where you need to make growth. or perhaps review your spell work and see what you could boost with this remarkable energy

And always remember – you don’t have to do ANYTHING, either. Practical magic is magic that is done ‘as needed’. If you don’t have any spell work that needs doing, no sense in making extra work for yourself.

If you’re still drawing a blank and you want some ideas, I highly recommend going through the moon phases class where we break down all the ways you can maximize this time & connect with your practice – even if you don’t have a plan, without supplies, without planning ‘a whole long drawn out event’.

Interestingly enough.. this eclipse is happening on my birthday. I know. Powerful.

I’ll be working on tea, protection charms for my daughters, and reviewing my past work to get clarity on the future work – both on myself and on HFS. We all have our work to do. And we all have something that is calling for our attention, for our growth.

What are you working on this Full Moon & Eclipse? I would really like to hear about your plans!

Be sure to comment below or in our group discussions. We’re looking forward to hearing all about your powerful work that you’re doing this Full Moon.

Have questions? Need some help or guidance as you’re navigating the classes and your practice? I’m always listening, always open to talking with students about their practice, and welcome the opportunity to help you in whatever ways possible.

Stay Powerful… the world needs you, witch!


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One thought on “Are you ready for the June 2020 Full Moon? | Letter from the HFS Headwitch”

  • I will be making tea, and I like the idea of protection bracelets. I have several stones that I normally wear (serpentine stone from Peru, turquoise, aquamarine, and celestite) that I’d like to recharge for healing and protection. This full moon provides a great opportunity to do just that. I’m not really planning any rituals, particularly to start new things. I plan to simply manifest gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.

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