November 14, 2019

HFS Scholarship Program


Admissions to HFS is very simple. 

All witches are welcome.

The HFS Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship program is a full curriculum program that is supported by our Founding Witches. 

Through the HFS Scholarship program, a witch can enroll in HFS and enjoy a full education without hidden charges, fees, contributions, or tuition. 

The Scholarship program does have some restrictions:

  • scholarships are renewed every 30 days
  • limit of one class per month
  • must take classes in order of the scheduled HFS curriculum
  • no class hoping or skipping to more advanced/popular classes
  • if the student portal becomes unstable, scholarship students may have access only at certain times
  • HFS may choose not to renew scholarships at any point (this will not result in charges or payments or fees)

While these are technically restrictions, we also feel they are benefits - especially for new witches. By taking one class at a time, witches will be able to focus on one specific topic and implement what is learned. This prevents overwhelm from taking multiple classes at the same time in a traditional academic 'semester' and it increases the chances of application of that knowledge - because you have to wait for the next class. Forcing students to take classes in a specific order also increases the chances that students will have a good understanding of basics before they move on to more advanced topics.

Website stability issues, sustainability issues of our scholarship program, these are all things we will be watching very closely and will communicate with the HFS student body about. Most importantly, you would NOT suddenly find you owe tuition because our Scholarship program is struggling to find support through contributions. (Though, it may lead to a smaller program)

Our Scholarship program does not go through an application or admissions process, instead we believe that the best way to prevent bias and barrier to entry - is to accept all, for as long as we are able to support the program. Follow the instructions for enrollment and you will have your spot saved in the Scholarship program when HFS opens.

It is our belief that the witching community will see what a great resource we are building for witches around the world and will see the value in making a contribution to help support the HFS Scholarship program, as well as the value in being able to access the HFS Full Access curriculum without any restrictions on number of classes or the order that classes must be taken.

Making a contribution to unlock our Full Access curriculum does not remove you or make you ineligible for the Scholarship program. A witch can return to the Scholarship program and continue to take classes as long as the Scholarship program is available. 

Why not make all the classes free?

Originally, this was the plan. After digging into the legal liability and the expenses of running an online school, we were forced to change the way we approached offering classes.

This also gives us an opportunity to continue our work, allowing witches to voluntarily upgrade to Full Access, contributions which help us maintain the online resources we've worked hard to build for our community.

By offering our classes through a Scholarship program, our classes are protected in the eyes of the courts AND we can still offer an education to any witches that are not in a financial position to contribute. 

Our online school is not free but instead runs on contributions - from our Founding Witches and our Full Access students.

If you are considering a contribution, we would love to share with you how we say 'Thank You!' for supporting this world-wide witching community resource.

Full Access - 30 Days

Full Access is for 30 days and gives a student the ability to attend ALL classes in the HFS curriculum within those 30 days, with no requirements on the order that classes need to be enrolled in. 

We fully expect that some students in our scholarship program will be in a financial position to make a contribution and will do so in order to get to a class that is more advanced or more popular, but possibly later in the curriculum. Impatient witches - we know them, we love them, we are them! Once witches see what amazing classes we offer, testing the waters with the scholarship program, we hope that our community will show their support when they are able - through Full Access contributions.

By making Full Access only 30 days, we are doing two things.

We are able to keep the contribution low to match the smaller amount of time for access.

We are encouraging you to join Full Access when it fits your schedule! Not everyone has a full semester or a full year to dedicate to learning. We understand that. Sometimes you hit a slow season and maybe that's a few weeks or a few months. But the perfect time to dust off the Book of Shadows and learn something new or take a refresher.

There is no contract and no obligation to stay with Full Access, you can return to the scholarship program at any point. There are no penalties or hidden fees.

Whether or not you make a contribution, thank you for being a member of our community. Consider sharing what we're doing here with other witches that would value this resource for the witching community around the world.

Together, we can celebrate and preserve all the different traditions around the world.

Together, we are Powerful.