January 20, 2018


Hekate’s Finishing School is focused on Traditional Hereditary witchcraft.

Hereditary witchcraft is passed down from generation to generation.

Traditional witchcraft focuses on non-denominational folk practices.

There is very little emphasis on ceremony or ritual.


Most importantly, HFS does not teach ONE way of practice.

Instead, this is the OLD way of practice.

  1. We honor individual expression of practice.
  2. No rules.
  3. And our goal is to help as many witches as possible, new and experienced, preserve their unique way of practice so that we do not suffer from homogony in witchcraft.


We offer examples & explanations – but we prioritize results in witchcraft & a path that honors YOU and what feels right to you.


There is no One True Way to practice. Every expression of magic is powerful.

We’re just trying to help you recognize and step into your own power.




Wicca Warning

A very serious Warning – We do not teach Wicca. At all. 

If you’re looking for Wicca, Hekate’s Finishing School is not for you.