January 20, 2018


The Hekate’s Finishing School team is centered on community and sisterhood. 

Being positive role models and helping the next generation, and the generation after us, become strong and nurture future witches. Sharing in both triumphs and struggles, Hekate’s Finishing School is not just about helping you understand magic and mastering spells but about helping to find solutions – whether that is in spell work or in life. Welcome positive, enthusiastic, powerful witches into your life. Plus, we’re wild and howl at the moon – we love to have fun!


Hekate’s Finishing School is focused on self-paced learning with the busy mom and busy career woman in mind. 

All the training has been tailored for fast consumption (lessons are 20 minutes or less) and fast-retention (what you need to know, no dragging it out). Why? Because toddlers get bored quickly (and explore with crayons in hand) and witches have to sleep sometime.


The Hekate’s Finishing School lessons are to-the-point and action-focused. 

There are extended lessons for those looking to know more, there are bonus courses (all included) for witches with a little extra time on their hands, and there are additional support videos for any witches that needs more guidance. But these support the goal – getting you practicing quickly – either during nap-time breaks, during your lunch, or in the wee hours you borrow from your sleep. Learn it, do it, come back tomorrow. (Or do it all in one sitting if you prefer). But it’s tailored to your schedule. Which is how you succeed.


The Hekate’s Finishing School team – witches just like you.  The community area also serves as a networking tool for those looking to connect with other witches, participate in private discussions, or need help in their practice based on the Hekate’s Finishing School training. A great learning and community resource for a witch that wants to take her witchcraft from solitary to social at any point in time.

And that’s the most beautiful part of the community. You’re never pushed into participating. If you want to have the best training possible and have the Hekate’s Finishing School community resources available to you when you’re ready, you have access for as long as you’re a student, even if you’re only signing up for the scholarship program.

We have the best witches – but we know that no one is born the best.

At Hekate’s Finishing School, we give you the training and resources to make you the best. We give you the community that will help guide you into becoming the best.

We define the best as – confident, practiced, and gets results!

The only thing left for you is taking the hardest step, the first step – taking that leap and saying ‘yes’ to your future.

Say YES! to the one School that can offer you the best chances at success.

Become a Hekate’s Finishing School student today – and you’ll be a witch for life.