January 20, 2018


Ask yourself, where will I get the best support and the best resources to ensure I have the BEST success in my path?

How can I be sure I’m getting the right training and doing what resonates with me – not just following the masses?

What school treats witchcraft like a REAL path of heritage and cares about their witches like family?

Hekate’s Finishing School, every time, is the answer you’re looking for. That’s why you’re here! And I’m glad you’re here!

But let’s talk about just a few of the resources at your disposal that go above and beyond what any other school is dedicating to their ‘initiates’.

First of all, you’re not an ‘initiate’ or ‘underneath’ anyone – You’re studying to be the best witch you can be!

But let’s say you’re looking at the cold, hard, in-your-face resources. What then?

Time to break it down, then! Here we go!

A Learning Opportunity with the BEST Resources – Hekate’s Finishing School.

  • Enrollment into Hekate’s Finishing School’s Core Curriculum
    • Basics of Witchcraft – straight to the heart of effective spell work! ($189 value)
    • Traditions & Heritage – Stop playing follow the leader and build your specific traditions ($397 value)
    • Energy work & Shadow work – Cast spells with confidence & dig into the shadows to unlock your full potential ($297 value)
    • Curse and Hex Work – a traditional witch and keeping the balance ($497 value)
    • AND MORE!
  • Guest Lectures from respected members of the Community ($47 value, per lecture)
    • Guest Speakers by popular request
    • Supplemental topics that compliment the core curriculum
    • Live Question and Answer sessions
    • Archives of past Guest Lectures and discussions
  • Alumnae community for students and graduates
    • Share your progress with other Witch Alumnae
    • Get help no matter the timezone, day or night
    • Spontaneous student led discussions
    • Network with and support other Alumnae and Students
  • A Community of Witches that care about YOU and your traditions– Priceless

You can count up the value and you’re smart enough to know that I’m only listing SOME of the curriculum and I’m UNDER valuing those resources. But it’s because I know you’re already going to join. I just know you want to be a powerful Witch and that you know we’re the perfect fit for you. We want you to shoot for the stars and do amazing! And even if you only have time to tackle a single class at a time, we always have a spot for late night laughs and the occasional cry as you connect with other Witches in the Alumnae community.

We both know this is no contest. You are meant to be a Witch of Hekate’s Finishing School, sister.

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I’ll see you soon!