January 20, 2018


“People can claim to have a coven until they’re blue in the face but it’s that thing you can’t really describe. It’s that do-anything-for-you kind of bond that comes from late nights laughing and crying. And usually a little bit of both. I’m not saying you’ll get that feeling on day one – but you’ll get there.” – HFS Founder, Head Witch

Witches, we’re serious women. We love having fun while weaving spells to pay the bills, partying with friends while howling at the moon, but we love the community we create – the coven – above all else.

Nothing beats complaining about your life to your witchy sisters – the ones that really get you.

Nothing compares to calling up a witch that’s local to you, knowing she’s just a drive away, and having a shared passion for a magickal full moon to gush about.

No one can put a price on the experience when these motivated witches start cheering you on or cheering you up, even if you’ve never met them before.

A long time ago, someone told me I couldn’t form a strong bond with strangers from around the world that I had never met.

And my response was and always will be the same “From the outside looking in, you’ll never understand…they’re my sisters. They’ll always be my sisters,”

It starts with a chance, this chance, to belong to a community of witches that will wipe your tears and sing your praises.

It becomes something so much more when you realize that you have a chance to work magick with them. Some because they’re local, others…you’ll see them. You’ll make it happen. When you’re finding your path and you start to reach out for other witches, not just for a spell or a ritual or a moonlit gathering but for a chance to meet some of your best friends for the first time – watch out world. You’ll go the distance.

And there is nothing that anyone can say that can erase that kind of journey together. That’s the good stuff in life.

I wouldn’t kid you. We’re witches!”